Off Plan

In Thailand many developments are sold in what is termed Offplan.  This refers to the fact that purchasers will be investing in a property that will be built once a sale has been agreed. This way the property can be customised for the purchasers need. The developer already has a set of plans showing the external and internal design which you can adapt whilst keeping to the overall character of the development so that you fit in with the neighbours.The developer of any project is always exposed to risk. They want to cap this risk as quickly as possible and limit bank loans and other debts. They do this by selling units off-plan at excellent prices as the buyers cannot see a physical property at this stage and rely on the location and artist impressions, diagrams and computer simulations.

In addition to an excellent price, the investor also benefits from excellent finance structures due to the fact that the property is sold off-plan. The investor usually only needs to pay around 25% of the value of the purchase in the form of a deposit, the rest is payable on completion and can obviously be financed by a mortgage.

Once you have decided to invest in off-plan property, you need to decide which strategy you will adopt to achieve your return on investment